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Charity Donations As Wedding Registry

As much as it sounds like a clich, a wedding is one of the most important events that happen in a persons lifetime. Every detail must be planned and executed perfectly, thus making the wedding planning essential. The couple has many decisions to make, including deciding on a cake, selecting the flowers and the centerpieces for the tables, hiring a band, and of course the wedding gifts, wedding favors, and the couples gift registry. One wedding gift and wedding registry option that is starting to become more popular is using the gift of charity.



Many stores and websites who currently offer charitable gifts such as gift cards also offer a service for weddings as well. They offer an option for the bride and groom to register their favorite charities like they would register for gifts at any store. Their guests may then pick a charity and a dollar amount they wish to give to the couple to donate. Once the couple creates their bridal registry, they have their own unique webpage where they can upload pictures or wedding information as well. Then an email invitation will go out to all the invited guests telling them about the occasion, special registry and how they can visit the website and send a charity gift in honor of the bride and grooms marriage.


Many wedding planners are encouraging couples to consider using not only a typical gift registry, but a charity wedding registry as well. Websites can make it very simple for the couple to set up their bridal registry, pick out their charities, and then get the word out to their guests. Its then just as simple for the guests to visit the website and browse their wedding registry and either make a donation for the couple in their name, or choose a dollar amount that they wish to give the couple and allow them to choose which charity they would like that money to go to.


There are many advantages to using a wedding registry, starting with the fact that they simplify the number of choices the guests can choose from for wedding gifts, and they help to insure that the couple receives gifts that they actually need or want. Some couples would rather give than receive, and charitable donations are the type of wedding gifts that show compassion and kindness, and are a great way to help the couple start off their life together with a feeling of generosity on a day that will be rightfully so focused on them.


Another way that the wedding registry for charity can be used is for the wedding favors that are usually given to the bridal party, and sometimes, even for each table or guest. The bride and groom can choose a few charities to donate to, and place a card on each table stating that they made a charitable donation for guests, bridesmaids, ushers, etc. to pick a charity from a pre-designated list as a way to celebrate this wedding day, and spread a little love and cheer to those receiving the benefits of the donation as well. They can have special themed cards made to go along with the wedding dcor, and can have special certificates made up for the guests to use their redemption code to make the actual designation of the donation. It will make everyone feel good to know that more than just those involved in the wedding can have something to celebrate and be grateful for.


If youre having a very large wedding and feel like you cant afford to donate on behalf of that many people, you could consider only making donations as wedding favors on behalf of your bridal party, or just one donation on behalf of the entire guest list or wedding itself. Either way, continuing to spread joy on what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life can only make it that much better. Donations can also take an already memorable occasion and make it a memorable and happy occasion not only for those involved or invited to the wedding, but for people who truly are need as well.


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