Silly Wedding Vows

You can have fun at your wedding.  You can be a little silly.  You can even say silly wedding vows.  It is OK.

Yes, there are serious elements to be covered, but love is fun.  So, why not add some humor and fun to your planning, ceremony, and reception.  What would be silly wedding vows?

What about adding a line or two in the ceremony for a touch of fun, humor, or silly wedding vows. 

Plan to create your own silly wedding vows even if you don't use them in your ceremony.

You might decide to be a little serious in public, but what about those precious personal moments shared with your beloved?  What if you could share some truly memorable homor filled silly wedding vows?  You might even remember them six months or ten years down the line.

Think about some of the humorous elements of marriage, you may even find ways to include them without going completely overboard with silly wedding vows.

Keep your purpose in mind. The aim of your wedding is to celebrate love, marriage, and family while affirming your sincerest commitments. So, celebrate!. Be a little silly with silly wedding vows and activities.

While planning your dream wedding, play a silly parlor game and learn about love and marriage.

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 The Wedding Mc Jokebook
   For Masters of Ceremonies.

Your story is distinctively yours. It is different from everyone else's romance. So it's important to know all you can about your partner and your relationship.

One of the ways you find out about what you think, how you love, how you make love, how you make peace is to look at what other people do. Why not pick the brains and their hearts of those who know your and your fiance' best?

Play some good old fashioned parlor games.

Here's one that will teach you a lot about yourselves and a lot about friends you thought you knew very well. It may change your desires and your aspirations. It may change what you want to talk about in your wedding ceremony and your wedding vows. It may change how and why you get totether with your friends and family. And if you pay attention, playing games may even improve your marriage.

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Wedding Themes And More.

How to play:

Hand out index cards to everyone and have them complete (in one sentence answers) the following 6 sentences:

The moment I realized I would love you forever was ...
The most romantic moment I had with you was ...
The kindest thing you ever did was ...
The thing I most admire about you is ...
The thing I most cherish about our wedding day is ...
The most wonderful thing about our marriage is ...

Telling your beloved wonderful things about him or herself emphasizes all the things you'd like to encourage in your relationship. It also helps you remember how much you love your sweetheart.

Hearing wonderful things from other couples makes you realize how many different ways you can be kind and romantic and good. There are a lot of new things to try that just might make life sweeter!

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Create Your Own Wedding Flowers. 

Hearing how wonderful you are from your beloved helps keep the fires burning brightly.

Call these precious comments your silly wedding vows.

It may be a silly game, but it just might improve life forever! Save these cards. You're going to want to keep them, and share your silly wedding vows with your partner again and again. Your silly wedding vows may be a memory builder that will help sustain you in times of trial and stress. A touch of humor always improves our lives so try some silly wedding vows.


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