"sample wedding vows including children"

Here are a few sample wedding vows including children.  They are intended as examples only, and may be included in vows and pledges as considered appropriate.

Sample Wedding Vows Including Children.

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Parents Address Children:

NAME I love you. I want you to have a happy secure family, for that that reason _____ and I are getting married today. We promise to love you, care for you, and protect you.

Name I love you too, and I promise to love you as my (son/daughter), and make a loving home for us all. We promise to love you, care for you, and protect you.

Children Respond:

We love you Mom (Name), and we love you Dad(Name). We want to be a happy family. We promise to love and obey you as we live together.


Sample Wedding Vows Including Children.

Minister Inquires:

Bride, Groom, you have made your pledges to each other, but you come as parents as well to form a blended family with special obligations and challenges. Do you now accept full responsiblity for (Name Children) to be loving parents, to provide for their physical and emotional welfare, and to protect your family from all threats whether from inside or outside of your home?

Bride and Groom respond, "I do."

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Minister Inquires:

(Name Children) today (Bride and Groom Names) have pledged themselves to one another as husband and wife, but they have also pledged to you to be responsible parents. They love you and want you to enjoy a happy fulfilled family life. Do you (Name Children one at a time) receive (Bride and Groom Names) as your parents? Do you understand they love you and want what is best for you? Do you therefore promise to love and honor them as your parents?

Children respond, "I do."


Sample Wedding Vows Including Children.


Minister speaks as Bride and then Groom repeat.

"(Child's Name) I love you, and I want the very best for you. I promise to provide for you, guide you, and encourage you in good times and bad to become all you can be. With (Name of Partner), we work together for your good in all situations. I love you."

Minister speaks as child repeats.

"I love you (Names of Bride and Groom). I respect you and am honored to be your (son/daughter). I accept you as my parents,and will honor you to the best of my ability. I love you.

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Sample Wedding Vows Including Children.


Minister Inquires (Of Both Bride And Groom):

"Do you (Name) take (Child's Name) to be your lawfully wedded (son/daughter); promise to provide for (him/her) in sickness and in health, in good times and bad; to love and guide till (Child's Name) reaches adulthood?"


"I do."

Minister Inquires Of Child:

"Do you (Child's Name) take (Name) to be your lawfully wedded (Parent); promise to love and respect (him/her) in good times and bad; to love and obey untill you reach adulthood?"


"I do."


Sample Wedding Vows Including Children may be developed reflecting specific situations providing highly personalized wedding vows involving children.


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