Humor Wedding Vows

Humor wedding vows are certainly not for everyone! Weddings do have a serious side to them.

But if humor is your nature, think about your own special humor wedding vows. You can be sure your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come. Humor can take the edge off high stress situations and relieve much of the inherent tension found in many weddings. Humor wedding vows are sure to make a lasting impression.

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Some brides worry that they will get all choked up and begin crying. Those tears can make a mess out of mascara. Some times romantic, very serious, or traditional vows can increase the tensions and stresses of a wedding. An injection of humor can go a long way to curing this dilemma.

But keep in mind, the vows are the part of the wedding where you make promises to each other. This is were you speak from your heart to your partner and make promises, commitments, and delarations of values to be followed for the rest of your life. These attitudes may include values like giving of oneself, faithfulness, unconditional love, and permanence.

Whew, this is serious stuff.

Yet, weddings are intended to be celebrations full of hope, laughter, gaity, and fun. This is the second side of your wedding that is also very important. This may be where humor wedding vows come in.

As you consider humor in your humor wedding vows, ask yourself, what do you laugh about as a couple? What is humorous to you as a couple? What is funny? What makes you laugh?

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Striking a balance is your mission. Here are some tidbits to inject a bit of humor into your humor wedding vows.

I promise to pay the bills on time even when the bills seem to disappear.

I promise to put the mail on the kitchen table so we can both see the bills as they come in.

I promise to shop to my heart's desire, but always keep my spending within our budget.

I promise to mute the TV whenever you can get my attention.

I promise to cook for you until you tell me to stop.

I promise to pick up my underwear and put it in the hamper every morning.

I promise to let you pick the TV shows and will quietly leave the room if I don't like what you are watching.

I promise to always put the toilet seat down.

I promise to serve you breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings.

I promise to get your attention before telling you something that is really important.

I promise to listen to your every word during commercials.

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You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you for the rest of your life. You have the right to an attorney, but you better not call one. You have the right to a fair and impartial hearing if you can find someone else who will listen.

 I promise to count every penny we get and account for it in Quick Books.

I promise to love you forever even when you bring home two identical pairs of $600 shoes that match you new $900 dress.

I promise to live you forever even during football season and fishing season.

I promise to love you when you lay in my bed, when you sit at my table, and when you watch football on the TV.

I will love you inspite of all your love affairs with sports cars, motor cycles, and TV.

I promise to ask you and not tell you once I have your attention.

I promise to love you even thou you need to ...

I promise to be faithful to you especially if you will...

I promise to provide for you if you will not ....

I promise to love you even when you have eaten beans or onions.

I promise to love you and serve you to the best of my ability.

I promise to learn how to cook for you and will never complain about your mother.

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I promise to never mention my mother's cooking no matter how your food tastes.

Humor wedding vows can be fun or they can bring pain. Take every precaution to avoid causing pain while you do everything to insure you have fun at your wedding.

Humor wedding vows is not a way to avoid fundamental commitments, it is ony a way to enjoy the celebration of love, marriage, and commitment.


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