Writing Wedding Vows

Writing wedding vows is a major undertaking and one that has to be carefully approached with an extraordinary amount of fore thought. In the final analysis, the determining factor is probably truly based on your level of courage and writing skill.

Conventional wisdom might dictate that you "stick to the script." Everyone associated understands that it's your day to honor one another.  They will be happy for you, but do they secretly want the bar to open and for food to appear on their plates?

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After all, they want something in return for the gift certificate to Home Depot that lurks with a hundred other gift certificates on a table in the reception area. You can blab all you want on the altar, but if the food is cold you'll never hear the end of it.

All that I am saying, is it is important to consider the needs and wants of your audience as well as yourselves. Occasionally, a couple might be tempted to get long winded, but even if you decide to write your own vows - this is usually the exception.

Unfortunately, there are often those who attend weddings that miss the fundamental purpose underlying the whole event.

The purpose of you wedding is two fold: affirm your love and commit yourself to marriage.

Writing wedding vows yourself can be a big step toward making this expression a reality for your marriage.

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In short, it can be difficult dealing with hard nosed people. If you have a family full of them, you can avoid embarrassment by stream lining the ceremony. You may decide it is just easier to allow the minister to conduct the ceremony. Then you don't really have to think and just repeat what he tells you.

On the other hand, writing wedding vows yourself can be a very meaningful experience. The minister is there to help you and make sure ever thing works out great.

Avoid lengthy monologues. The may be viewed as dreary "yada-yada" stuff. Your guest might even feel like they're eavesdropping. You don't want to impose on their patient, good nature by venting your soul.

Keep in mind; you already have the job. You should already have told you partner everything before the wedding. If not you will have ample opportunity after the wedding - during the years of marriage to come. Simply, keep it brief and to the point.


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Writing wedding vows can be endearing and add immeasurably to your new beginning.

Choose your words wisely, though. Cut to the chase.

No one wants to hear about rainbows, sunrises or flying doves unless you want your guests to conclude that you were drunk when you were writing.

Keep it straightforward and simple. Avoid the cliches. Avoid the extremes of intimacy.

Use words that stir the heart and batter the brain.

If you're going to announce to the world why you want to spend your life with this person, be practical. You don't have to say, "I'm marrying you for your money." That's a bit tacky.

But you can say, "I can't imagine going through life without you." That'll keep them in their seats! If the food is cold, you might be forgiven.

As previously stated, writing wedding vows takes courage. If you have writer's block, there's always Shakespeare or other poets. Always look to your minister for suggestions and guidance.

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