Wedding Unity Candle 

Wedding Unity Candle  ceremony is one of the most popular and moving ceremonies used in weddings today.  The Wedding Unity Candle  adds a flare and focus to the wedding solidifying the theme of the wedding in unity.

Using Wedding Unity Candle to Symbolize Your Wedding Vows can make a crowning touch to your ceremony.

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Over the past decade or so, the Wedding Unity Candle has become a very popular part of traditional wedding ceremonies, and plenty of friends these days approach me to supply them with these candles when their children get married.

I have used Wedding Unity Candle in dozens of weddings. I have not hear comments like "these new fangled ideas have no business to be in church!" for years. Today the Wedding Unity Candle is as common as weddings themselves.

The popularity of Wedding Unity Candle is set to grow even more. In time, the Wedding Unity Candle may even come to be regarded as a traditional aspect of Christian weddings.

Personally, I think it is a wonderful idea to light Wedding Unity Candles that symbolize the union of two souls, and I would warmly congratulate the person who invented the custom.


Speaking of two souls, the custom is to actually light three candles one each for the two people getting married, and one larger pillar candle to signify the union.

One Wedding Unity Candle holder may accommodate all three candles, or individual Wedding Unity Candle holders may be used.

When I choose a Wedding Unity Candle, I prefer to make the two single candles thin and tapering, while the larger candle is a no-frills pillar. However, in our online store you can find a wide range of individual and Wedding Unity Candle designs.

Lighting these candles obviously holds little religious connotation, so there are no rules about how to light them. The symbolism appears to be almost universal. The Wedding Unity Candle flame represents life. The life of the bride plus the life of the groom form the united life of marriage.

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A common practice is to light them right after the exchange of wedding rings and before the I now announce you man and wife part. Although, in some cases the Wedding Unity Candle ceremony may be conducted following the vows and prior to the ring exchange.

Who actually lights these candles?

Once again, there are no hard and fast rules. The two individual candles may be lit by the bride and groom prior to lighting the Wedding Unity Candle. Or the mothers may light the two individual candles prior to lighting the Wedding Unity Candle. Both sets of parents may also do so all depending on the situation and desires of the participants.

It is not uncommon for the bride and groom to each light his and her own candles during the ceremony. They then light the larger candle together as a symbol of unity and blow out the individual candles as a sign that they are now leaving single-hood behind, though some people regard it as a bad omen to blow out these candles. Personally, I would think it was better to leave them lit, indicating that one was not sacrificing ones individuality at the altar of marriage.

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An interesting expansion of the Wedding Unity Candle ceremony is to add candles for children participating in a blended family wedding. Together the family unites their Wedding Unity Candle. the symbolism here is that the Wedding Unity Candle reflects not just the unity of the marriage, but of the family.

A Wedding Unity Candle can be plain or showy, colored or white, and shaped like lots of things.

So what do you do with the Wedding Unity Candle once the wedding ceremony is over?

Keep them to light for special occasions like your anniversary or the birth of a new child, of course!

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