Funny Wedding Vows

How would you like to make your special day so exciting and fun filled that everyone will remember it and treasure that memory for years?

Often weddings come and go, and people go through the motions in a bit of a blur, but you can change all of that.


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Dr. David Trumble's collection of wedding vows and ceremonies.

Add a slice of life, a bit of humor, a little variety to your event. Get the attention of your guests, and still embrace the wonder of love and marriage.

Consider this, if marriage is not fun, it should be.

While you can add many elements to the reception and parties surrounding your wedding, it is also possible to enhance your ceremony itself. Spice up your wedding vows with just a touch of humor.

So, how do you add humor to your wedding without making a fiasco out of the whole event.

First, do not go overboard. Weddings are a special time to celebrate and have fun, but they are also a sacred time to make serious life altering commitments. If you are careful you can achieve both simultaneously.

What is humor? Most of us don't analyze it, we just recognize when something is amusing or funny. Yet, what is it that is acceptable humor.

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Certainly, we are not interested in slapstick, or course jokes. On the other hand, a slight twist on the words, a symbolic gesture, a little rythm or rhyme, a cute phrase, an unexpected surprise, or stating the obvious in humorous fashion can make the ceremony fun.

We all know about Dr. Suess. You remember his weird stories of the Cat In The Hat and others. What made his materials so interesting? Rhyme, rythm, and unusual sounds and words are what did the trick aren't they.

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Sample Pledges - Question and Answers. 

Minister: "Will you take ___ as you wife? Will you love her all your life?"

Groom: "Yes, I will take ____ as my wife, Yes, I'will love her all my life."

Minister: "Will you take ___ as you wife? Will you hold her as you have told?"

Groom: "Yes, I will take ___ as my wife? I'will love her all my life. I will hold her as I have told?"

Minister: "Will you take ___ as you wife? Will you love her all your life? Will you hold her as you have told? Will you keep her without a peep?"

Groom: "Yes, I will take ___ as my wife? I will love her all my life. I will hold her as I have told? I will keep her without a peep? I will take ___ as my wife? That I will do, ___ I am!"

Repeat the same for the Bride or alter it slightly. Keep in mind the concept is to use rythm, rhyme, and a sight twist on words to communicate precious truths and commitments.


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Sample Vows - Repeated or Stated.


I, ____, take you, ____, to be my wife. With friends and family all around, I declare my life and love are strong. I give them to you forever now. I love you. I promise to provide food and shelter for you on sunny days and in the stormy ways. I promise to pick up my socks and put them away. I will clean up after myself and help you in everyway. I will always love you no matter who is watching for eternity and beyond.


I, ____, take you, _____, to by my husband. With friends and family all around, I declare my life and love for you are strong. Come wind or storm, heat or cold, I promise to love as we together grow old. I promise not to poison you with strange meals, and to shop for only the best deals. I promise to comfort you when you are down, and laugh with you when you are up. I will always love you no matter who is watching. Yes, I will have, and I will hold, Just as I have at this time told, Yes, I will love her all my life As I now take her as my wife for eternity and beyond.

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Short List of Items
that you might include:

"I promise to make your favorite chocolate-chip cookies one a month just for you."

"I promise to fix you breakfast in bed on Saturday mornings."

"I will remember this day with a fresh rose this day of each month."

"I promise to put the toilet seat down and fill the toilet paper roll when it runs out."

"I pledge to split the difference with you on the thermostat."

"I promise to nurse you when you are sick, prod you when you lazy, and embrace you when you loving."

"I promise to pay the bills and be financially responsible from this day forward."

"I promise to love you when you make a mess, and when you clean it up."

"I promise to love you when you buy expensive things for yourself, as long as you remember I get my turn too."

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"I promise to love, honor, cook for, clean up after, surrender my share of the blanket to, live with the flatulence of, relinquish the remote to, and deal with the toilet seat forever after until death do you part?"

"I promise to be quiet when you are not listening, to hold you accoutable for every word you say and don't say."

"I promise to love you in the fabric store and give you permission to shop to your heart's delight, as long as you stay within the budget."

"I will love you at shool, at the library, at the grocery store, on the golf course, and even at home."

"I will love you when you watch football and never bother you when you are drunk."

"I promise to remember those two magic words, 'Yes, Dear" and always say them kindly and lovingly."

Whether you choose to hold your wedding at the top of a mountain, the edge of a lake, overlooking the Grand Canyon, in a medieval castle, at a stately museum, or in a grand cathedral; always remember your wedding is all about celebrating love and marriage as you commit yourself to eachother for your lifetime.

Remember, humor can have a sharp edge too. Avoid bits of humor that cause embarrasment, injuries to pride, or other hurt feelings. Avoid going overboard. Extremes are usually too hot or too cold.

Have fun celebrating your life and life together.


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