Renew Wedding Vows

Top Five Reasons
Why You Should
Renew Your Vows

Getting married is one of the most moving and spiritual experiences a couple can undergo together.

 Even if your ceremony has zero religious connotations about it, the strong connection you'll make on your wedding day is unlike anything else you'll ever do.

 Standing in front of friends and relatives, reciting vows that have special significance to you both-it helps you clarify and honor why you are choosing a life together. 

Now you can revitalize your marriage with and Renew Wedding Vows.

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Sometimes after years of marriage, a couple can lose their way. They may find themselves getting wrapped up in the complications of life and forgetting the person that is always there standing beside them. Or, sometimes love just continues to grow and expand after years together. No matter what the case, renewing your wedding vows is a wonderful way to recommit to your marriage and tell your partner how much they mean to you. Try doing this: Renew Wedding Vows.

Reason #1 - To include your children. Your children probably came after your marriage and wedding ceremony happened, so all they know is their parents together. They weren't there to witness your vows and commitment to one another. Renewing your vows in a ceremony that includes your children is a wonderful way to show them how much their parents care about one another, and how strong your family's bond is. Let the whole family see you renew wedding vows.


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Reason #2 - You want to do it bigger and better. Maybe you were young and stubborn, and eloped to Hawaii without telling anyone. Or maybe you just dashed down to the courthouse and signed some papers, and have ended up regretting not celebrating with your family and friends.

Renewing your vows can be somewhat of a "do-over" for your original wedding ceremony, and you can enjoy making things the way you've always pictured them (or whatever suits your tastes now). Affirm you marriage. Renew wedding vows.

Reason #3 - You want to express your love in your own words- renew wedding vows. Sometimes when a couple gets married in a religious ceremony, they are reciting the stock vows to one another.

This isn't to say that those vows aren't without meaning and significance, but they are somewhat canned, and not always exactly indicative of what a couple would like to say to one another.

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If you aren't happy with the words you spoke to one another at your wedding, renewing your vows is a wonderful way to let your own voices shine through. Renew wedding vows in front of witnesses or just to one another in a private ceremony. Consider writing and speaking what you feel - it will reaffirm your bond.

Reason #4 - You want to acknowledge the strength of your union. Marriage and relationships aren't perfect-far from it in fact. Some couples have to weather more storms than others, whether it's problems between the couple or dealing with outside forces. Sometimes life throws us into the eye of a storm, and it's our partner that helps guide and support us through. Refresh you commitments and renew wedding vows. If you have been through some difficult and trying times throughout the course of your marriage, renewing your vows can be a wonderful way to acknowledge your strong commitment and relationship, and can remind you that together, you can face anything.

Reason #5 - You simply want to recapture the magic of your wedding day. Do you remember how hopeful you felt, standing there looking at this person you loved, feeling invincible and like your love could conquer the world? That feeling should be present every day for you, but it's easy to lose it amongst life's little stresses. Having a ceremony to renew your vows can bring back that overpowering feeling of hope and love, and can remind you of why you chose to marry in the first place.

Renew wedding vows.



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