Wedding Sand Ceremonies

Wedding Sand Ceremonies: Creating A Lasting Memory

There are any number of unity ceremonies for weddings, including candles, wine and joined rings. However, of all these, the wedding sand ceremony is one of the most beautiful and longest lasting.


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How It Works


The couple will have a wedding sand ceremony set which consists of one main vase which can be sealed and two or three smaller vases. Each person has their own color of sand, for example, the groom might choose black while the bride uses white sand.


At a chosen point during or after the vows, the couple pours their sand into the main vase, creating a lasting memento of their unity. The sand that has been poured into the vase can never be separated again, the colors will be forever joined into one art piece, much like the marriage has joined the happy couple.


Variations on the Wedding Sand Ceremony


Of course, you don't have to just use two people. In cases where two families are coming together, one or more of the people tying the knot has children, the children can be included. They may be given their own colors of sand in smaller vases to pour into the main container.

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Other variations include the minister pouring a separate color as a base or

to seal the vase off, the mothers of the bride and groom adding their own colors as a blessing or the addition of sand from the locale where the couple is being married. This last one works particularly well when you are having a beach wedding as you can include sand from the very place that you are getting married.


The Pouring Patterns


There are several ways to create your wedding sand ceremony art. Laying a foundation is a good idea, so the minister may pour in an inch or so of sand. The couple can then choose the method they wish to add their own sand.


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Layers: Probably the most popular way to go is with layers. Each person takes turns pouring to create a striated look. This is particularly good if more than two people are pouring. The bride and groom may wish to pour their layers, then have any children pour theirs and top it off with another bride and groom layer to symbolize the protection they are giving the children.

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Zigzag: In order for this to work, you will need to pour on top of each other. One person starts and the other pours their sand at the base of the other's. You will need to move your sand back and forth to create effective zigzags . . . you might want to practice this.


Whathaveyou: This method requires very little thought. Just pour at the same time and see how the pattern comes out! You may wish to do a couple of layers, then a composite and top it off with a different color.


Wedding sand ceremonies are a precious thing. They also allow you to perform a unity ceremony at a beach wedding, something that usually doesn't work with candles because of the wind outside. And, when it is all finished, you will have a beautiful art piece to set on your mantle.

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