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Write Wedding Vows Yourself!  You can do it.  Yes, now you can write wedding vows yourself.  Now you can write wedding vows that are truly unique and special.  Follow these simple steps to quickly and easily write wedding vows yourself.

First, why should you write wedding vows yourself? 


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Although there may be some restrictions. Good taste, dignity, and generally acceptable wedding vows still offer a wide range of options to write wedding vows yourself.

Personalised vows let you move away from the standardised wording and bring your own distintive style to your wedding. When you write wedding vows yourself, you are in control. You can add something different something special to your wedding.

Exchanging your vows is one of the most important aspects of the ceremony. This is your moment to celebrate love, life, and marriage. This is your moment to proclaim you love to the whole world, This is your moment to allow your eyes to embrace as you hearts leap with joy. This is your moment to tell your partner in your own words, exactly how much you love them and how deeply your are committed to them.

It's also a opportunity where you can emphasise your friendship, the meaningful moments that you already have and your dreams for your future together. You can not only write wedding vows yourself, you can speak them from your hearts.

From your guest's point of view, it the time where they really pay attention, for them this is what the wedding ceremony is about.


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In the United States, there are wedding traditions and wedding legalities. Traditions often reflect your religious, social, or personal interests.

Legalities consist of getting a wedding license, signing it, having an office of the state certify that both husband and wife have pledged themselve to the relationship, and filing the papers with the local county or state offices. Usually, the legalities are overshadowed by the wedding event full of wedding traditions.

From a legal stand point, all that is really required is the following:

Officiate: "Do you ___ take ___ to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Groom: "I do."

Officiate: "Do you ___ take ___ to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Bride: "I do."

From the standpoint of what most couples and families expect, the wedding ceremony is usually much more involved.

Traditionally the wedding begins with the processional; "Here Comes The Bride"; A wedding sermon or introduction; wedding pledges or promises to family and society to be responsible in the marriage; vows that declare love and commitment between the couple; exchange of rings, a declaration to certify the wedding, and the kiss.

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It is this ceremony that the minister works with the bride and groom to fashion meaningful and helpful statements that capsulize the love, commitment, and expectations of the marriage.

With the help of your minister you can write wedding vows yourself and fashion the express you special interests, values, and priorities.

Here are five simple steps to follow when you write wedding vows yourself.

One: List the reasons you want to get married. Include your values, feelings, hopes, and those things you appreciate about your partner. Identify a few things that may be distinctively different or special between the two of you.

Two: Consider your setting. You may be surrounded by family, friends, and maybe a few strangers. You may be in a church, on a hill, in a garden, or beside a lake.

Three: Identify exactly what commitments you are making to each other. For this, you may need the assistance of a counselor or your minister. Often couples have faulty expectations and may be confused over really what commitments marriage required of them. Sort them out here.

Four: With your three lists completed, sort out those things that are most important to you. Narrow down your items to two or three major things that fit all of your expectations.

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Five: With assistance of your officiate or minister, write wedding vows that fit the traditional wedding vow structures of pledged (or questions asked and answered) and vows (your declarations to each other).

Be sure to keep it simple, easy flowing, and reasonably short. Avoid lengthy monologues that might put everyone to sleep. Write wedding vows that truly express your values, your setting, and your commitments. You will not go wrong with you write wedding vows yourself if you double check everything with your minister.





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