Wedding Coordinator

What  is the role of a wedding coordinator?

A wedding coordinator  is the one person responsible for planning, budging, organizing, coordinating, and monitoring every aspect of the wedding and associated events.   It is quite common for  a professional wedding coordinator  to manage bridal showers, pre-wedding parties, rehearsal, ceremony, reception, and even assisting with honeymoon plans. 

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Hiring a professional wedding coordinator  is quite popular today.  While it may not be essential and it can be expensive; someone must assume the responsibilities of a wedding coordinator  over every aspect of the events.  This is vital to insure the success of your wedding.

Many couples will attempt to manage these details themselves, but the larger the events become, the more critical it becomes to have a capable person manage these details for the bride and groom. 

 Sometimes, you have a Maid of Honor, friend, or relative who especially adept at organizing things.  Frequently, couples will divide up the responsibilities and spread the duties.  Still, someone must coordinate all of these details.


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Often smaller wedding s can be managed without a professional wedding coordinator .  The minister, bride and groom usually can handle planning and execution of the wedding rehearsal and wedding ceremony, but the minister seldom gets involved in  pre-wedding parties and organizing wedding reception. 

Often the best man can manage the bachelor party; the maid of honor may handle the bachelorette party and/or bridal shower; and reception.  In simple terms, someone must step up to manage the planning, budgeting, organizing, coordinating, and monitoring of each event.

Often, the bride and groom will enlist a professional wedding coordinator  to manage only specific element of the wedding process.  At other times, they may hire a coordinator  to manage all aspects of the wedding event series.  It is entirely up to the wedding couple and the services offered by their chosen wedding coordinator.

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When you begin interviewing potential wedding coordinator s, you should ask the candidates for coordinator  what services they provide.   Often the coordinator  will have a group of subcontractors or associates who specialize in certain services. 

For example, a coordinator  may delegate the catering to  one person; and  delegate flowers and decorating to someone else.  A capable wedding coordinator  has access to the key resources you will need and as a couple, it is smart to take advantage of these connections.

The wedding coordinator  should be able to advise you on every detail of the planning even if they do not personally manage it for you.   An effective wedding coordinator  will ask you loads of questions and offer you a wide range of options.  Based on your choices, the coordinator  can facilitate the whole operation. 

One of the first questions a good coordinator  will ask you is how much money do you have to spend.  Establishing a working budget is vital. 

Your coordinator  can anticipate expenses you might well over look.  If they know you have X dollars to spend, they can scale different parts of the event to reach a balanced budget.  

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For example, if you have a $10,000 budget, the coordinator  can help you budge adequate funds for  flowers, decorations, wedding dress, catering, and all those little details that slip in unexpectedly unless you have a capable coordinator  controlling expenditures.   If one item increases in cost, another can be adjusted to maintain a balanced budget.

The cost of your wedding coordinator  may be established as a set fee for specific services provided or set as a percent of the overall wedding budget.  In any case, it is important to remember that your wedding coordinator  works for you, with you, and represents you.  Be sure you and your coordinator  are always on the same page.

A result of employing a capable wedding coordinator , you will be able to enjoy your wedding free of undue stresses, worries, and anxieties.  Your wedding coordinator  may well be your best friend during your wedding activities.

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