Bridal Shower

Spice Up Your Bridal Shower Or Wedding With Interesting Party Favors

A Bridal shower is the biggest event left before the marriage ceremony.

The Bridal shower is an opportunity for close friends and family to give gifts to the bride and groom that they may need in their new life together.

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The bridal shower is an important event showing the bride and groom's loved ones hopes for the couple's future happiness and their support.

So the bridal shower is only fitting to provide bridal shower favors that in some small way convey the couple's gratitude. The goal is to find small gifts that balance this mission with sensibility and style.

Here are some possible suggestions that can make your bridal shower more enjoyable for your guests and loved one.

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First consider what bridal shower gifts can best be integrated with the party itself.

Other than being a bridal shower gift giving opportunity. The bridal shower is an event meant to be a time a fellowship between the bride and close female friends and relatives.

A bridal shower may be a gathering of the friends and family of both the bride and groom. A good idea is to give gifts that can be immediately used in the games and activities of the prenuptial celebration.

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A bridal shower gift can be one that is humorous or slightly bawdy. Draw on what you know about those coming to the event to best match the bridal shower gifts and events to their likes.

Not only will this make the bridal shower  more enjoyable for all involved it will also make the favors more successful with your guests.


Second try to make them multifunctional. A gift that has many uses is one that can be used over and over again even after the party. This is something that can be tied to the first suggestion.

A party favor used in the games can also be use later as a more practical item. It will show that the couple and the other bridesmaids put thought into the bridal shower gift and elevate the wedding party in the eyes of the guests.


Third make value based decision when finding party items to give to guests.

Especially in lean times like these it is always important think about what you are buying and getting the most out of it. You want to get gifts that are affordable but don't come across as cheap to the people attending your bridal shower. One idea is to use something that is durable which can be easily reused.

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However, the purpose can change depending on the theme of the bridal shower. In some cases this means food is the party favor. Also as mentioned before you can use the favors as part of a game. One example is to use the favors as prizes in a grab bag.


Know the people.  Make sure your bridal shower  gifts fit the people.   If you don't understand the people who are receiving the favors the bridal shower  gifts are going to be a flop.

This is pretty simple since a majority of the persons attending will be close family and friends.  However, they may not be your close family and friends.  So, ask those in the know if you have any questions at all.  Avoid calamity.

Carefully consider your choices.  You may be  seeing some of these people even  after the wedding.

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Remember, the bridal shower gifts are just one way to honor the bride and groom.  The bride and groom likewise give bridal shower favors as just another way  to say thank you.

If you are hosting the bridal shower, do everything you can to insure its success.  A bridal shower bust can have very severe impact on the wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.  However, a bridal shower blast can launch a whole series of fun and exciting wedding events. 


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