Renewing Wedding Vows

Strengthen your commitment by renewing wedding vows.

Are you considering renewing wedding vows?

Are you a little unsure about what to do next or even whether it is a good idea?


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There are a lot of things to consider:

Why should you renew your vows?

What is the right protocol for renewing wedding vows?

Who should be renewing wedding vows?

What are the words to say when you are renewing your wedding vows?

First, who should be renewing wedding vows?

One expert, suggested that couples have a choice today. They either divorce or periodically focus on renewing wedding vows.

Today's high divorce rates may not leave much time for some couples to be renewing wedding vows. Yet, many of us have recognized our struggles and chosen the course of renewing wedding vows instead of divorce or murder.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne renewed their wedding vows on New Years Eve 2002. They had completed 20 years of marriage in spite of the mad cap world of rock and roll. They had a second reason, Sharon had just survived a serious bout with colon cancer. Nothing causes us to reflect on where we are, how far we have come, and where we are going like a major medical crisis.


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Renewing wedding vows is not just for celebrities, but many celebrities have found that renewing wedding vows has strengthened their marriages. Robert de Niro and Grace Hightower; David and Victoria Beckham; and Madonna and Guy Richie have all enjoyed the benefits of renewing wedding vows.

Why Do People choose renewing wedding vows?

Do you really need an occasion or reason?

Maybe the reason is that you chose to get married in the first place. You have already made your commitment, but all of us have short memories that need refreshed from time to time.

There may be some poor reasons to engage in renewing wedding vows. For example, it would not be a good idea to hold a renewing wedding vows even just because you needed an excuse for a big party.

Renewing wedding vows should be a very meaningful renewal of the life long commitment that you make to each other.


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So, what are some good reasons for renewing wedding vows?

To celebrate a major wedding anniversary; overcoming a major life challenge; emerging from a rough patch in your marriage; or you simply want to strengthen your relationship - all of these are good reasons for renewing wedding vows.

You may have had a small intimate wedding; or you may even have eloped; or had a destination wedding; and you now feel that you'd like all your friends and relatives to witness your renewing wedding vows. You may have had a civil ceremony and feel that now you want to have a religious ceremony.

At certain points in our lives we recognize changes in our lifestyles. Reaffirming our desires, aims, and commitments for the future can be an imporant step forward into the next phase of our lives. We can find our roots in renewing wedding vows.

But then again, who could need a better reason for renewing wedding vows than it is a very romantic thing to do?


What is the proper protocol for renewing wedding vows?


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As renewing wedding vows is not a legally binding ceremony, the etiquette is not nearly as formal as for the initial wedding. For instance there is no need for a licensed Officiant. Therefore the Officiant can be anyone -- one of your children, a close friend or a licensed Officiant if you like.


Also there is no call for presents or other wedding functions like bachelor or bachelorette parties. In fact they may be frowned upon. You want the presence of your friends and relatives not their presents!


You should make it clear that you don't want presents either on the formal invitation or by word of mouth, for instance, on acceptance of the invitation.


What do you say when renewing wedding vows?


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The structure of the renewing vow ceremony itself and what is said is largely up to you. You can use your original vows as the basis of the renewing marriage vow ceremony, or you can write or have something written especially for the occasion.


Your children and parents can be included in the ceremony by having a family unity ceremony as part of the renewing vows proceedings. Using a unity ceremony can help bind the family together so that you go forward with a renewed commitment to each other.


A unity sand ceremony is a wonderful way to express family unity and it has the advantage of giving you a beautiful physical memento of the commitments made on the happy day.


The unity sand ceremony is based on ages old American Indian or Hawaiian wedding ceremonies. It signifies the joining of two lives into one by the pouring of different colored sands by the two people into a single unity jar. This gives a pattern from the blending of the colors and a lasting memento of the occasion.


You choose how your renewing wedding vows goes. You are in charge.


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Whether you had a large no expense spared wedding or an elopement it doesn't matter. It is up to you to decide on a cost effective small intimate renewing wedding vows ceremony or to pull out all the stops and really have the big renewing vows ceremony that you may have wanted but missed out on before.


It's all up to you and with the relaxed etiquette and potential informality of the ceremony you can really add your personality to the proceedings. You can really make the renewing wedding vows celebration an Affair to Remember!

You may also choose to make your event a private get away, a private romantic occasion, all set for the renewing wedding vows between two committed lovers.

When all is said and one, you may be one of those couples who chooses not to get a divorce in favor of renewing wedding vows. Remember the experts say, couples have a choice today. They either divorce or periodically focus on renewing wedding vows.

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