Unique Wedding Themes

Are You Thinking Of A Wedding Unique Theme For Your Big Day?

Traditionally, engaged couples would plan and prepare for a formal and very traditional white wedding.  Unique wedding themes are different.

Today, many couples tend to think of a cool alternative that can perfectly show off their personality.  These alternatives form the basis of unique wedding themes.

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Unique wedding themes are becoming very popular.  This enables the couple to personalize and make unique statements to each other.  

Brides and grooms who choose a unique wedding theme want to show the world their own view of life, the world, and marriage.  They are show their love for one another.



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Unique wedding themes can take couples to amazing heights of creativity, expression, and shared joys.  These unique wedding themes might include weddings conducted high on mountains, on beaches, on ships, in airplanes, in parks, up in the sky, underwater, almost anywhere your dreams take you.  

The options are huge.  Your thinking and your budget may be among your only limitations.  

A unique wedding theme should be decided personally, without the influence of others. A couple may consider a serious theme with some traditional touches, or a unique one that is going to be more like them.  It is always a good idea to work with your officiate or minister as well as your wedding coordinator to insure that everything flows smoothly.


Tuscan Themed Wedding


 A Tuscan themed wedding is an excellent way to reflect an Italian heritage. Whether or not you are from a Tuscan region, this theme can give a classic and elegant decoration in your wedding.

Simple yet elegant, a Tuscan themed wedding usually incorporates food and nature, and can make your wedding very beautiful.


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Your Tuscan themed wedding can be either held at a vineyard, garden, or Italian restaurant.  Incorporate grapes, wines and hues of greens and purples.

You can also think of other matching decorations such as topiaries, wine glasses and bottles, bowls of fruits, votive cups with grape designs, herbs and some curved items shaped like grapes.

You can make your wedding more like Tuscan by playing Italian music, and other traditional songs from the Tuscan region.


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Gothic Themed Wedding.


There are many couples today who want to explore the mysterious, the shadows of life, and even forbidden venues.  The gothic themed wedding fits perfectly.

 While many of us first thought of black and ancient symbols when talking about Gothic, couples actually have several choices to choose from when considering a gothic themed weddings such as romantic, historical, punk, or sweet Gothic themes.

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Often a Gothic themed wedding uses dark colors to create that signature Gothic reflection, however, don't limit yourself by this.

In fact, wearing a white wedding gown would still be acceptable in a Gothic themed wedding.  It can make for truly unique wedding themes.

On the other hand, you can decorate your dress with black or red touches. Your bridesmaids can wear dresses in royal purple, red or midnight blue color.

However, if you want it to be a bit sweet, you can mix pink and black for all your wedding outfits.

When it comes to decorations, you can create a Gothic ambiance by including red, white or blue colored flowers, fake skulls; bones; swords, castles and gargoyles.

You can find most of these items at party stores that offer various selection of Halloween supplies. Although they are meant for Halloween, but that doesn't mean they can't be utilized in other occasions.


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There are many different unique wedding themes from which you may choose, but you can also create your own unique wedding themes that expresses your interests, pleasures, work, hobbies, and life.

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