Personal Wedding Vows

You can enjoy your own personal wedding vows.

A well rehearsed and well versed wedding vow that comes straight from the heart is sure to send chills to every person present there.

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Wedding vows constitute a vital part of the wedding ceremony. The promise of lifelong commitment between them inspite of differences and difficulties ensure that true love really does exist.

Now, that is a nice thought.

The vow is shared by both the bride and the groom.

Generally, the wedding vow would include a promise of selflessness, unconditional love and faithfulness.

If you have no idea what to put down in your wedding vow, here's your solution!

Find your personalized wedding vow on the internet.

50 blissful secrets for personal wedding vows

Searching the internet for vows proved to be an excellent source for useful tips and ideas that you could make use of on the day of the wedding.

Some sites may charge you for their services, but you could look around for a free one too.

Here at you find loads of wedding resources.  Dr. David Trumble's books assure your success.  Wedding planning, wedding vows, do's and don'ts, everything you need to achieve your personal wedding vows.

These free wedding vows get rid of the scripted, stereotyped promise that we hear very often at common marriages.

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The best thing about taking a free wedding vow from the net is that you have the freedom to put down exactly what you feel deep down in your heart.

 Besides, it is free of cost! You can edit the sample vows that are available, but if you find them touching and heart-warming, they may be used directly without any modification.

There are many different kinds of vows for you to select from.

Your personal wedding vows may be personalized to suit your situation and circumstance you are currently in.

You can get vows that are written for couples with children, second marriages, wedding anniversaries and inter-religious weddings.

Quoting poetry is also a common practice. Browning, Keats and Gibran are famous choices.

You can surf the internet and find websites that offer a free questionnaire format that you can fill out and easily modify your selected wedding vow. This will act as your guideline and recalculate a vow that suits your requirement.

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Preparing the perfect personal wedding vows before the big day is a very crucial thing.

Writing the vow with your partner is one very special pre-wedding activity.

When you plan to write the wedding vow, make sure you decide on a time and place that gives both of you enough privacy.

You could note down all the promises you'd like to make, on a sheet of paper so that you compare them once you've finished.

Start by writing a letter expressing your love to your fianc. Don't hesitate to elaborate your feelings.


Be expressive and remember to mention memorable and special moments together, be it good or bad.

A few suggestions would be the time you first met, the moment you said "yes" or at a difficult time where your love for each other endured.

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Wedding Planning
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Quote lines from books, scriptures or favorite songs that translate your love for each other.

Once both of you finish writing all this, sit together and read each other's work.

Reading them will be a truly memorable experience. Be ready to laugh or shed a few tears over it. Discuss the most touching part of both letters, and start working on the wedding vow from that point.

The secret of a perfectly touching wedding vow is making a commitment to your partner and remember to keep the message simple and clear.

A message that comes genuinely from the heart is definitely the best personal wedding vows.

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