Nautical Theme Wedding

Planning A Nautical Wedding Theme?

Above deck!

Dead ahead is the wedding ceremony of the decade.

Are you a sailor?

Absolutely love the water?

This may be the wedding theme you've been searching for. Read on for how one bride created the nautical wedding of her dreams..


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Start off by sending save the date and invitations that have a nautical look and feel. Sailboats, shells, lighthouse - whatever evokes the feeling of being at the ocean.


You can hold your nautical wedding in a country club, dockside, or around a crystal blue lake.

A beautiful red, white, and blue color scheme makes it easy for you to start off the planning of your wedding. No frilly white dress for you - you're a practical sort of woman. One who wants to be able to move and enjoy her wedding day.

A classic empire waist wedding gown sets the tone for your elegant nautical wedding. Your beautiful A-Line cut dress with pearls and Swarovski crystals spread across the bustline accents your athletic curves.

After all, you're in fantastic shape from sailing and spending long days on the water. Your light summer tan provides you with a beautiful base and you glow throughout the day naturally.


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Accent your wedding dress with an elegant, yet simple classic pearl and Swarovski Crystal bridal jewelry set. Your bridesmaids look positively radiant in the shimmering dresses you've selected - the exact blue of the sea that you love so well.

To finish off your bridal party's gorgeous look, select jewelry for bridesmaids in blue crystal These bridesmaid necklace sets make a great thank you gift for the support and help they've provided you in getting your day pulled together.

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Your guests are having the time of their life drinking Blue Hawaiian Cocktails and nibbling on crab cakes with fruit and cheese appetizers while waiting to enter the ballroom.

Your carefully selected music sets the mood for relaxing and having a good time. Think Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet, and throw in some Bob Marley for a reggae beat your guests are sure to move to.


Your red, white and blue theme looks absolutely stunning to your guests as they enter the room designated for dinner. Each table has red, white, and blue tablecloths with alternating red, white, and blue napkins on top. Your guests are treated to a great nautical candle wedding favor at each place setting.

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Your gift table also carries the red, white, and blue nautical look with your white wedding card holder sitting majestically in the center. Your stunning wedding cake has red roses cascading from the top down to the bottom layer.


The food you serve should remind guests of a trip to the beach. A great shrimp pasta dish is the perfect main course but be sure to offer a chicken pasta dish for your guests that don't eat seafood.

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If you prefer a buffet, the meal will be even easier. Think carving roasts and turkey breasts with various cold salads. Sprinkle seashells throughout the buffet table.


After dinner, kick off your heels and head to the dance floor. Your guests are sure to quickly follow since the music you selected makes you want to get up and dance. If you're holding your reception outdoors, this is the perfect time to launch red, white, and blue balloons to get the party rolling.


Now head off to that tropical beach for your honeymoon in delicious lingerie sure to bring a smile to your husband's face. Enjoy your honeymoon because you've certainly earned it!

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