Discount Wedding Favors

Tips In Choosing Your Wedding Favors

The sheer choice of wedding favors available today can present many brides with an overwhelming challenge. Unless you know exactly what you want it can be a difficult choice to choose perfect favors for your wedding.



Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your choices and end up with the right wedding favors for you:


Discount all favors which are outside of your budget; after all there is no point in considering something you cannot afford.

Discount all favors which do not fit with your wedding style or wedding theme.

Discount all favors which do not come in colors which coordinate with your chosen wedding color scheme.

Discount any which you consider to be too feminine or too masculine unless you want to make your favors his and hers!

Discount any favors which would not appeal to all of your guests for instance edibles with nuts in as some of your guests have nut allergies.

Discount anything you simply do not like! Your choice of wedding favor should reflect something of your own style, taste and personality in short if you like them and would like to receive one yourself then you have found something which reflects your personality.


Essentially choosing wedding favors come down to the first five points. Whilst those favors that are left may still leave you in a dilemma over what is best it is often answered by the final point do you like it?



Once you have found your favors then you need to consider your packaging and decorations. For some brides a simple box and ribbon is sufficient, for others their wedding favors need a little extra! When it comes to choosing the right packaging you should firstly start by looking at packaging solutions that fit your chosen favors. After that you should go through the same process as you did for choosing your favors.


Decorating your favors will need some creative thought and it might be advantageous to sketch out how you want your finished favors to look including the final embellishments such as stickers, miniature flowers, butterflies etc. You could also cut pictures from magazines and put together a mood board of designs you like to give you further inspiration.


As with the favors themselves and your packaging you should go through the same six points with your decorations and embellishments to find the right ones for you. It is possible however, that you could end up with an awful lot of choice! In this scenario you should also consider what offers the best value for money and what is the easiest to attach some decorations can require some quite creative fixings to get them to stay put which can mean you spending many hours trying to get something to stick! It is also worth remembering that the majority of your favor packaging will likely end up in the bin! So is it worth spending hours attaching things when your guests may not even appreciate the trouble you have gone to?

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