Theme Wedding Favors

Asian Wedding Favors Can Make Your Wedding Ceremony Exotic

If you are planning to arrange for Asian theme wedding then always remember that Asian wedding favor is not completed without Asian cuisine. Therefore you should hire a wedding caterer who is expert in Asian dishes and you can also discuss with your caterer about the menu. Once the menu is finalized you can decide with your beverage list. The service of drinks comes with service of food only. You must be very careful when you are planning for your wedding drinks.



First thing which you have to decide is that whether you will serve alcoholic drinks to your guests or not. And the second thing which you have to decide is that when you will serve the drinks. You can serve the drinks on the arrival of your guests whether you are planning for your wedding party or reception party. Your wedding caterer will help you to decide on the choice of beverages which you can arrange for the whole day. If you are arranging for your wedding party then you can serve the drinks before your ceremony but if it is lengthy like Indian ceremony then you can serve the drinks during the ceremony also. But then it should be non-alcoholic drinks such as orange juice.


These days cocktail are in tradition hence if you are arranging for cocktail then you should have a selected menu and beverages whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic served by well qualified waiters using both the bar and tray service. You can arrange for fully stocked bar for all your guests during dinner. You can serve champagne with your wedding cake.


A professional and best wedding caterer can give you the detailed quantity count for you beverages according to your budget. You can get the idea from their experience of amount that will be used during reception or cocktails. Wedding caterers also offer the service of offering drinks to your guests but for this they will charge you extra. If you do not want to run out of the day then it is better to take advice from your caterers and you can allow your caterer to handle everything.



But if your budget is low then you can have your own bartenders and can buy your own alcohol. But for this you must have the knowledge of all the brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There are many cheap qualities available in the market. You can also arrange for a cash bar or you can also serve only champagne to your guests. This is the best way to have an open bar in your wedding party within your budget.


Corkage is the other thing which you must keep in your mind. There are many wedding venues who charge free corkage to their customers supplying their own drinks. Make sure that you know the venue terms with corkage before arranging for your party because it can add a hefty percentage to your drink bills. There are many wedding caterers who have a contract with the venues also so you can take help from your caterer.


Wedding is a very big and special occasion of your life. Therefore it is very important to have everything in a arrange manner. By offering food and beverages to your guests in a perfect manner you can make the day memorable for everyone.

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