Golf Wedding Favors

Personalized Golf Wedding Favors Are Unlimited.

The giving of unique wedding favors are becoming very popular, as many couples look for more alternative ways on how they can showcase their personal style and thank their guests in a less traditional approach.

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Wedding favors are usually simple gifts from the bride and groom, and are presented to each guest in the wedding. Golf wedding favors hit the spot for golfers.

Wedding favors can be anything, from keepsakes that guests can bring home to edible treats that are likely to be eaten before they leave the party.  Golf wedding favors are among the most popular among golfers.

There are some couples who love the playful and fun approach of bubbles and bells favors.  Others opt for more useful and functional wedding favors like wine stoppers, bottle openers, or golf wedding favors.

Whatever you want to choose as your golf wedding favors, you can have them personalized with your names or monograms and other wedding details.

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There are lots of reception supplies today that can be monogrammed such as table napkins and other table utensils, but what about one-of-a-kind wedding favors such as personalized golf balls, measuring spoons, tape measures, hand warmers, salt & pepper shakers or match books featuring the name of the happy couple?

Indeed, wedding favors are becoming more and more unique, not to mention they can be playful and fun as well!

Although little, giving these gifts is an excellent way to not only show gratitude towards your guests, but also to impress them by your unique touch and taste when it comes to wedding favors or golf wedding favors.


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Giving unique golf wedding favors is not limited to weddings only.

In fact, you can have them distributed during your pre-wedding parties: engagement party; bridal shower; or bachelor party.

Personalized party golf wedding favors add a personal touch and help link the theme of the shower, wedding and reception together. They are a stylish and memorable way to say "thank you!"


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Couples tend to make make sure that there's nothing left behind on the table after the reception, that's why they opt for more interesting wedding favors that can surely impress their guests, tempting them to take one home.

A great choice of personalized golg wedding favor can also bring a decorative touch on your reception.

Aside from serving as party souvenirs, unique golf wedding favors can also make great centerpieces on the reception tables. Thus, they are not only looking impressive in your celebration, but they are an economical idea as well!


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Another way to come up with personalized golf wedding favors is to go DIY.

Do-it-yourself wedding favors is a great alternative to further personalize your gifts for your guests, not to mention they are usually designed easy to make, and above all affordable.

DIY wedding favor as well as other pre-made personalized favors are widely available online.

If you lack crafting skills and shy away from DIY projects, you might consider custom made item that with your guests or wedding party names engraved or monogrammed.

Just make sure to shop according to whatever theme you want to show off in your wedding.

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So, no matter what your inspirations are or where they came from, they doesn't need to be too much, instead be simple and choose easy to hold items that would surely remind your guests of your big day.


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