Beach Wedding Favors

3 Types Of Combinatorial Theme Wedding Favors

Combinatorial theme #1: Hawaiian cum beach theme wedding favors



A Hawaiian cum beach themed wedding favor can be a bundle of fun to prepare. Beach themed bridal showers and weddings have become very well sought after in these few years. The Hawaiian theme set on the backdrop of the ocean beaches which brought together with the colors of white, light blue, gray and sandstone and the combination of the each hue, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity, thus working together to bring the ocean indoors.


Additionally, a Hawaiian wedding favors is best accomplished with things that create an island atmosphere, thus beach theme wedding favors will complement it and thus creating a combinatorial theme wedding favors.


Special beach theme wedding frame favors preserve the magic of the moment while summer memories are encapsulated in Hawaiian wedding favors


These special moments can be expressed from the settings of the enviroments and the gifts that you will be preparing for your guests. Favors or items such as resin formed name card frames in the design of seashells and sand or tiny sand castle tells the dreams of the bridal couple and also gives each guest with a personal image of their own childhood visits to the beach, make a sentimental keepsake for each guest. These gifts infused these expressions together which guests can easily relate and treasure to in time to come.


The beauty of the ocean enhances the beauty of the couple's love and the Hawaiian theme provides color and attitude to any wedding reception.


Beach themed decorations such as table linens, napkins, candles and other accessories are things to be used to create an island atmosphere while the Hawaiian theme favors fused the emotional feelings, visual sensations and the relaxed peace and tranquility, found at the seashore. Lighting up the ocean breeze scented candles at each table will fill the room with the delightful aromatherapy of the ocean and the soft hue of candlelight will reflect within the reception with a seductive effect. This will create a setting which best describe to be relaxed and yet enriching, simple and yet elegant and visual enlightening moments.


Combinatorial theme #2: Daisy cum floral theme wedding favors


In terms of color theme, a daisy cum floral wedding favor is able to provide a graceful and yet color rich among all wedding color schemes. While simple to prepare and plan, the beauty and freshness found in white table linens with shiny yellow hues are without compare, thus making it a wondering wedding favor


It is common to see a wedding ceremony that is overflowing with flowers; the bride's bouquet, the bridesmaid's bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, table decorations, church altars, and the list is endless. Usually, a bride will pick one particular flower as her "signature" flower for her wedding theme. A thematic floral wedding favors to match the bride's signature flower is a great idea and extension of the overall wedding theme. In such case, a daisy can be such one particular "signature" flower for her wedding theme.


Daisies add a dash of color and elegance to reception table decorations. It also signifies loyal love, innocence, gentleness and purity. This can be complemented with other flowers such lilies, lilacs, rose, tulips, carnations or any other flowers that are signs of love. By mixing different flowers, you can play around with the color theme thus customizing and setting the wedding theme mood. That is the reason why a floral wedding theme is one of the most flexible themes as it provides your very own color palate, design, image and focus of your wedding plan.


Daisies can also be used to complement any outdoor wedding reception as its bright yellow face of a daisy brings an atmosphere of a warm spring or summer afternoon, filled with images of smiles, summer picnics and the intimacy of family. It creates a setting on a more refined level in both wedding and reception.


This combinatorial wedding theme favors can include items such as hand painted candle votives with delicate daisy, plantable wedding seed packets and delicate silver daisy silhouette place card holders. The wedding seed packets would come with an attached thank you card printed with a small thematic poem or with the bride and groom names and their wedding date while the delicate silver daisy silhouette place card holders will give the seating arrangements elegance and beauty. The guests can also use these tiny flowers to hold a special picture at their own home. Another cute floral wedding favor is daisy labeled mint tins personalized with the bride and groom names and their wedding date.


Therefore, this type of combinatorial wedding theme favors will appeal to any couples which are more visually inclined and prefers to start and end with a color enriching ceremony.


Combinatorial theme #3: Homemade cum DIY theme wedding favor


Homemade cum DIY theme wedding favor is a theme suited for couples that are planning for a budgeted wedding and is an excellent way of reducing expenditure and yet provide a more personal and thoughtful touch to the event. You might be surprised that with careful planning and attention to detail, amazing weddings can still be planned on a very tight budget. DIYing your wedding favors is easily achievable without much effort and can be easily be put together as it consists of the merger of idea and is widely suited for family and friends.


The many ideas of this theme wedding favors put together a range of ideas using items such as candles, potpourri or chocolate. This might extend to making and baking food items for your guests. Though it might save a significant amount of cost, you must allocate plenty of time in preparing and planning for every detail of it. DIY wedding favors take time, don't wait until the last minute


If you have in mind to create your own wedding favors, do make sure to give yourself ample time to create the exact idea that you want to create and then provide ample time to finish the project. It is always a better idea to create a prototype first to ensure that the image you see online or in a book is what the finished product looks like once you are finished. Remember to allow more time than the projected guidelines recommend, this is a first time project and a significant one at that, so don't short change yourself for time to get the job done right and on time.


Some wedding favors with a twist includes:-


1) 5 jordan almonds that are pre-cut into a circular shape and put onto the circle of tulle, the circle is pulled up and tied with a color coordinating ribbon.


2) Doing a make-over for Hersey's Hugs and Kisses chocolate pieces and presenting it in your very own design small box shaped template for each guest


3) Using scented potpourri by putting into fine netting or fabric pouches and tying with fabric ribbon which matches the colors of the wedding.


The significance of the wedding favors each item are described as below:-


Item 1: The five almonds symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity of the marriage. P

Item 2: The name of these candies ties itself to a cute image of weddings and the "first kiss". It provides a beginning of the couple's first love and kiss.


Item 3: It sets the mood up using smells. It can be used for practical purposes even after the wedding.


Therefore, there are plenty of ideas for homemade cum DIY wedding favors. As long as the thought and effort that was put behind this combinatorial theme wedding favors, it will be appreciated for years to come.


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